Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Course (and Self) Evaluations

So back during all the insanity of home remodeling, birthday planning and party hosting I also managed to wrap up my first semester of teaching.  I got an email today letting me know my course evaluations were ready for review, and then I realized how insanely nervous I was to read these anonymous evaluations.  I mean, they could say ANYTHING.  Who came up with this idea and WHY do I have to now read them?!

I thought about just ignoring the email, but that is ridiculous, so I clicked over and started to read.  And guys, they are so so nice.  Like, 98% of them have nothing but "loved this class!", "loved this professor!", "changed my life and made me a better human being!" sort of comments.  Okay, not exactly the last one, but the other two.  Lots of the other two.  There were a few that had suggestions/criticisms, but nothing mean or out of the ordinary, and everything was actually understandable and pretty good suggestions. I did like when two comments backed up to each other, one saying "I didn't like the online exams" followed by "I loved the online exams!". You can't win them all I guess.

 So.  Yeah.  That's that.  I have completed my first semester of teaching, and I liked it.  Actually, more than liked it.  And I am not sure what my future will be in this area since there are only so many hours in the day and my real job keeps me plenty busy, but I have loved teaching these 150 students.  I have loved meeting with them and opening their eyes to what public health is and how it impacts their lives.  I have not loved the millions of emails that 150 students and four TAs can generate, but you know, you take the bad with the good.

One semester down and the results are in, mark this one a success. Who would have thought?


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  1. Sarah, that's wonderful! Clearly your passion for your subject shines through :)