Thursday, April 5, 2012

Born Wicked: A BlogHer Book Club Review

This is a paid review for the  BlogHer Book Club. As always, all my thoughts and opinions about these books are my own.  I can't help it if I happen to love everything they have sent me lately.  It's just that there have been some excelent Book Club choices, not that I am bribed.  I swear.

So Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood, the newest BlogHer Book Club book, has become my newest book obsession.  I keep googling it to see when the second book comes out, I might have even ventured onto a few fan sights that have casting pictures of people they want to play the main characters.  I am hooked.  My one and only complaint about the book is that there isn't MORE of it.  that it stops, and just LEAVES ME with the old "book two... coming in 2013".  STAB ME IN THE EYE.  I NEED IT NOW.  (said in my best Veruca Salt voice while stomping my foot.)

Let's step back a minute.  I just realized I went all GIVE ME BOOK TWO on you all before I told you about the story.  Born Wicked is a new young adult book series (good lord, I love me some young adult fiction) set in the late 1800's in an alternate History from the one we know.  In the world of Born Wicked the Salem witches were truly witches and the Brotherhood had to step in and put an end to all witchcraft.  Now the world is run by the Brotherhood and women are meant to be seen and not heard.  The weaker, the meeker, the less opinionated the better.  No doubt about it, Born Wicked is a man's world.  So when the story opens with the tale of the three Cahill witch sisters, who's witch mother died three years ago and left them with little training and no advice, you can tell they are in for some trouble.

Cate, the oldest sister and main character of the book, has spent the last three years trying to protect her little sisters from being discovered as the witches they are.  But as her seventeenth birthday approaches she is forced to make decisions about all of their futures.  She has to choose a husband, join the Sisterhood, or allow the brotherhood to choose a husband for her.  There is a small love triangle, but don't let that put you off of this story.  There is so much more than that.  There are prophesies and magic, there are secrets and lies, and most importantly there is a strong amazing leading character who will do anything for her beloved sisters. 

  So in it's own way, Born Wicked it's sorta a dystopian society gone back in time full of witches. I gotta tell you, I love the twist, and I loved the book.  It is a quick easy read, but the characters have stayed with me and I can't wait to pick up book two and see what happens next.

We will be discussing Born Wicked over at BlogHer for the next several weeks.  Come join in the conversation!


  1. ohhhh - thi sounds good! I've never heard of it, but I'll be looking for it to download to my Kindle! I'm always looking for new stuff to read - thanks :)

  2. While you are waiting for the next book, if you never watched "Charmed", get it on Netflix and watch all the seasons. We became seriously obsessed with it a while back and loved it. You would like it as well, I'm sure!