Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Crunch Time

I am feeling the pressure to get things done. 

Little things like the laundry, since our dryer was broken for a few weeks I feel overwhelmed by it.  I have been going the laundry matt down the street, so I am not even that far behind.  But it feels important. Like something that MUST be done NOW.

Then there are bigger things like my final paper for my Women's Health class. Since the semester is wrapping up and it is worth 25% of my grade, it is pretty important and it's due by next Wednesday.  I am writing it on breastfeeding and the early introduction on formula by hospitals in the US and how that effects the success of mothers who were planning to exclusively breastfeed. It is exceptionally interesting to my nerdy heart, but it's ten pages full of medical journal sources and it is taking a lot of time. And time is something I don't feel like I have extra of these days.

Plus, there is this other really BIG THING in two weeks.  A BIG THING I am working on and planning for, but trying not to think too much about.  Sort of like the way you want to be out in the sun, but you don't look directly AT the sun or it hurts your eyes.  This BIG THING sorta hurts my eyes in the same way.  (Or... at least it makes them fill with moisture in the same way as that pesky old sun.)  We are in full swing of planning someones third birthday party.  Because he is nearly three.  THREE.  And we will discuss that more in detail at a later time. BECAUSE I CANNOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN, I CAN ONLY PLAN A PARTY AROUND IT.  (It will be adorable, you all.  I can't wait to show you).  (PLEASE DON'T LET IT RAIN)

So anyway, with the birthday planning comes his three year professional pictures and the making of the photo montage.  I have to find a cake and come up with a food plan. I want games this year, so I really should get on that.  And... you know... two weeks.  And the only thing checked off the list is "Order Invitations" and "buy stamps".
Then add in all the little stuff.  My ten hour days at work where we are in the busy season of the year and I feel like I never stop moving.  The birthdays and the baby showers, the graduations and the weddings all on the horizon. I am thrilled about everything, THRILLED.  And yet, I look at my calendar and wonder how in the hell it all fits in.  When exactly do I find time to sleep? To sit down and rest?  To clean my house?

I feel like every single week I am down to crunch time to get the few things done that MUST be done because I am out of time.  That I can't ever get ahead.  And I don't mean to complain and I know I put all of these things on myself.  It's just, for today, crunch time seems to be a little crushing.  And I just wish there were a few more hours in the day.

At least I am spending today with these two.  They always make my heart a little lighter.


PS. Nick and I started watching Downton Abbey last night. I know, one more thing to do, right? Except I am so hooked already! And I really love when Nick and I watch a new show together.  It's one more thing to keep me from going to bed at a reasonable hour, but it is totally worth it.  You should check it out!


  1. You really have your plate full. Good luck, I know you can do it!

    1. thanks so much! My paper is alomst done and when I email it I will feel like I am FREE! :)

  2. I hope you can cross off more things on your list! Sounds like it will be a great party for a great boy. :)