Monday, April 23, 2012

One in Eight

We are all around you.

Sometimes our fight is silent. A war that you would never know was being fought, unless you notice the tears we fight so hard to keep from spilling over as we find out we are at the end of yet another failed cycle. As another pregnancy is announced.  As another unwanted child is reported on the news.

Sometimes we stand up and make our fight known.  We open our hearts and our lives to those around us, making us available for love and support, but also so very vulnerable to your criticisms. Hoping for nothing more or less than understanding in the fact that this is not always easy, and we are struggling.

Sometimes we stay in our smaller starter homes longer, we drive older cars.  We skimp and save, we fight for every last dime to cover the medical treatments that might give us what comes so easily for others.

Sometimes it is still not enough.  We go from being a couple you assume will have children later to a couple you assume decided to never have children at all.

Sometimes those extra bedrooms never become anything more than a home office or a guest room.  Sometimes that perfect nook for a crib never gets filled with anything at all.

But sometimes it does.  Sometimes the treatments work and our heart is filled with the love we have been waiting for.  And yet still, we are scarred by the war.  We love our children differently than we would have, we love each other differently.  Our battle has changed our hearts, for better or worse we can't really say. But we are most definitely changed.

We are one in eight women.  We are suffering from infertility.  Please Don't Ignore us.

This post is to help bring attention to National Infertility Awareness Week.Thank you for always being supportive of our infertility journey here at Bio Girl.  I am very blessed.