Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Resolution Reevaluation

So back to those New Year's Resolutions.  Okay, I know you all DO NOT CARE about my New Year's resolution list nearly as much as I do.  Logically, I see that.  But the thing is, this list gives me real goals for my year!  And I take those goals very seriously!  I mean... sometimes I do.  Sometimes (like today) I look at the list and see that I put "start painting" on it and think, "Oh my god, THAT is one of my resolutions?? WHO KNEW?" 

And logically the answer should be that I KNEW because I think of the list rather a lot.  But apparently I only think of two of them.  The diet and the books.  Also sometimes the "do fun things" one, but mostly it's the diet and the books. 

And guess what this post is about?  The.... BOOKS! 

(I bet you thought I would go with diet there, didn't you?)

So... the thing is... one of my resolutions... it was to read six classic books, and to also read 24 books in the year.  The 24 books thing, not a problem.  But the classics.... yeaaaaaaaah.   It just isn't going to happen. I see that it's totally my fault. I own that.  I mean, sometimes you set a goal and you start that goal and you are like, "you know what, I HATE this goal!"  And so today, on April whatever it is, I am changing the goal.  Which, for the record, I do not feel like is cheating at all. If you believe it IS cheating...well... I guess you can tell me about that it the comments.  BUT WAIT! Let me first explain and then I think you will be on my side about this entire nasty "resolution changing" debate. (is anybody debating me? Does anybody care? Hello??)

Here is the thing. I tried to read a couple different classics.  I TRIED.  And you guys, they are just not for me.  I mean, I am sure they have deep literary meaning and they shaped what writing is today and all that jazz, but I just can't seem to get in to them.  And for me, reading is a release. It is what I do to relax and for fun.  And feeling like I HAVE to read this DAMN CLASSIC because I promised I would, it is annoying me. And I still have eight and a half entire months to stick to a new resolution, so it isn't like I am presenting this switch on December 21st, right? So here is my ALTERED Resolution.

1. I will read at least six books that are outside of my reading comfort zone.  I am going to at least spend some of my reading time reading things I will still enjoy, but that are not young adult stories about dystopian societies* or about witches or vampires. ( bet you thought I would go with The Hunger Games, Harry Potter and Twilight there, right? Wrong.) I will read memoirs and historical non-fiction and maybe even horror stories.  As a matter of fact, I already have been working on this, and I am REALLY enjoying it!

So... I guess that's it.  Reading new and different books is a good thing.  Forcing myself to read things I don't enjoy does nothing but make me not want to read.  So I wasn't willing to just give up on my resolution, but I needed to change it to something I can be aware of and work on, but that is still enjoyable for myself.  We all good with this plan?  GOOD!

*Speaking of Divergent, you guys.  YOU GUYS.  Have you read this yet?  I just reread it to get ready for book two, and although it is talking MORE about young adult distopian societies, I am going to go ahead and tell you to read it. I mean, maybe your reading comfort zone is memoirs and historical nonfiction, and I am doing you a FAVOR HERE.  Go get Divergent.  Read it.  Come back and tell me how awesome it is.

**Also, go read Ready Player One.  It is awesome.  Like it is now one of my favorite books kinda awesome. It makes my nerdy heart happy.


  1. Don't sweat it. A good many of the classics are downright crap and boring as hell. Why subject yourself to that? Just read what you enjoy and don't worry about it. I have found I like a lot of non-fiction. I just browse through that area in the library and find all kinds of interesting stuff. Check out 636, it's books about animals, etc. and there's a lot of interesting books there. Also try biographies. I have found some really good ones, especially about movie stars and celebrities.

    1. I just read my first celebrity memoir and I must say I didn't enjoy it. But it was about Vanessa Williams for book club and, turns out, I don't care a thing about her! I will try another one soon :)

  2. I think it depends on the classics you are trying to read, because the prior poster is eight. Honestly, a bunch of them are crap. (aka: Avoid anything by Herman Melville.) But 1984? Of Fahrenheit 451? You might like that one if you're into dystopian stuff. It all depends on your likes!

    Either way, I see nothing wrong with modifying your list. :)

    1. Oh, 1984! I forgot about that one. I have always wanted to read it and will put it on my list. Thanks :)

  3. What did you try to read? One of my new favs is the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. It's a clever, intelligent, and entertaining read and not all that long. But I'm an English who enjoys the crappy classics, so maybe I'm not the best judge for you. ;) Regardless, reading is reading no matter what you are reading. So read away! :)

    1. I actually read the Potato Peel Pie Society last year and loved it!