Monday, April 30, 2012

Back Under the Knife

So I went back to the doctor once again on Friday.  They are really starting to love me around that place.  I had a follow up appointment scheduled for this coming Friday, but was just so miserable with pain on my left side that I moved it up a week. They did another ultrasound and found that the cyst on my left side is now 2.5cm (not that much bigger than it was three weeks ago) and that now it looks like a "complex cyst", meaning that it has it's own blood supply.  According to the ultrasound tech, that basically means that it is must likely not a classic cyst but a bundle of endometriosis.  I asked if if a 2.5cm bundle of endo can spring up in the matter of eight weeks and she  looked at me, then pointed to the screen.  Right.

So, I will spare you the details on how much I cried (lots).  But the final decision by me and the doc is to just go back in and take out my left ovary and tube.  Good old trusty righty should be able to keep my hormones regulated on it's own, so I should be okay with one.  My doctor said that when he decided to leave the left ovary two months ago it didn't look great, but he thought it would heal.  Clearly that isn't happening.  He said with a cyst like this, there is really nothing else they can do for it that will get rid of it.  That medicines and the IUD should help with my normal endometriosis and my periods, but that this cyst has taken on a life of it's own.  So... out it goes.  And with it the ovary that seems to love growing cysts to keep it company.

He was also really nice and talked about how long he has known me (like 15 years) and that if I am telling them I am in this much pain, that he knows it must be awful.  And you all, it is.  It is awful.  And I am so tired of complaining about it, and I am so tired of FEELING it.  It has been truly terrible and I am just so ready for it to be done.

So Thursday I go back in to surgery for the second time in two months.  He is hoping to take out the ovary and the tube laporascopically, but if he can't then I will have to be admitted.  For now we are hoping for an out patient deal and I will be home that night.  I am just praying that once it's gone, the pain will finally (FINALLY) go away.

**Many of you may be asking why in the heck I am not just having a full hysterectomy and being done with this entire nasty business.  GOOD QUESTION!  There several reasons.  One being that a full hysterectomy with both ovaries at the age of 32 does a real number on your body hormonally.  I would have to choose between hormone replacement therapies, which are not great for you, especially if you are on them for a very long time like I would be, or having extreme onset menopause.   I won't go in to it all, but there are side effects from either option I would like to avoid.

 Also, if I had a hysterectomy I would need to take six weeks off work, and would not be suppose to pick up Henry for that six weeks. That is just not possible right now.  Five years from now, yes, but not now.  So this is the answer that works best for me.  It isn't so I can have another baby.  I know that is not in the cards for us. But hopefully with the IUD and this troublesome ovary out of the way I can buy myself some time.  The doctor seems to think I can.  He thinks this is the right step.  And I am really hoping he is right.


  1. Oh geez! I hope everything goes smoothly for you. I found your blog on the Resolve website, and I've enjoyed reading along. I'm #42. :)

  2. I'm so sorry you need another lap so soon, they really aren't fun. I hope this solves the problem and you are pain-free for a while. I understand why you don't want to do a complete hysterectomy so young, that would be a huge decision and would result in some huge changes.

  3. Oh sweetie I'm so sorry this ovary is not cooperating.

    BUT, I'm so glad you're going to be able to see a future of being pain free soon.

    I've often debated the hysterectomy issue with others. You're so right that it just doesn't make sense at 32 to do it if you can prevent it.

    Please know I'm sending you SO MUCH love and support.


  4. I'm so sorry that you are going through this, Sarah, but I also understand the desire to be pain (and cyst) free. Believe me. I hope that the surgery goes well. Sending love. xo

  5. Finger crossed that this will finally (!!!) help you feel better!

    And, yes, I am liking Harry Potter. However, The 1st 3 were so close to the movies, that I was kind of "eh" about them. The 4th has enough additional stuff in it that I'm liking it even more :)

  6. oh gosh, but yes, they grow back so quickly sometimes!

    I'm hoping and praying all will go well and that pain will be GONE!

  7. I am so sorry you are going through all this. The Left tube & ovary are what I had taken out & dealt with the same thing when it came to a hysto. I am ALWAYS here if you have questions or anything. I will be thinking of you & sending you lots of **hugs**

  8. I'm SO sorry that you're still in so much pain and now looking at another surgery!

    Sending love and prayers...


  9. Sarah,

    I am so sorry you have to have another surgery so close together. I had my left ovary and tube removed when I was 25, it was fine. I still ovulated and had my period every month, it's like the other ovary took over. I was able to have my son after I had my ovary removed (IVF, of course). I did not have to have the full hysterectomy for 20 years after, so you will be fine and I think this will take care of your problem for now. I think it's wise not to have a hysterectomy now. Love and Prayers.

  10. Will keep you in my prayers. I hope the surgery will get you some relief from the pain.