Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Red Ripe Strawberry (and a Big Hungry Henry)

Henry absolutely loves the book The Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear.  He asks to read it almost every night.  He talks about it whenever we eat strawberries (which is pretty regularly this time of year). "Mama!  Mama! Cut it in two, and SHARE IT WITH ME!! YUM!"  If he seems a mouse on a cartoon he says "He needs to go pick his strawberry".  He loves it. So imagine his pure joy when Nick told him that he had is very own red ripe strawberries he could pick in the back yard...
Strawberry Picking
 A Very Hungry Henry loves a red ripe strawberry
Strawberry Picking
Especially one that has just been picked
Strawberry Picking
A very Hungry Henry can sniff out a red ripe strawberry no matter how it is disguised.
Strawberry Picking
There is only one thing to do with a red ripe strawberry. *
Strawberry Picking
Quick! Cut it in two...

Strawberry Picking
And share half with me
Strawberry Picking

*picture included so I can brag on Nick and his impressive landscaping skills.  Don't for a second think any of this was my doing.  His green thumb is amazing. My thumb is the black thumb of gardening death.


  1. He looks so happy with his strawberries! You have a beautiful yard/garden.

    1. thank you! Nick works very hard on it. I love it!