Friday, May 18, 2012

Family Pictures

When Henry was six months We had family pictures made.  As soon as they were done, I hated them.  Specifically, I hated me in them. (wrong outfit, looked heavy and pale and all around bad) But really, none of the three of us looked that great.  Every time since then that we went to get Henry's picture made I thought about trying again, but always decided I didn't like the way I looked in that exact moment, that I needed my hair done, that I wanted to lose a little weight, that I didn't have anything to wear.  Every single time I decided against group shots.  Just asking them to capture him.

Time passed and all of a sudden I realized I now have a three year old, and no actual professional pictures of us as a family in the last two and a half years.  I thought back to my childhood and how few professional pictures we have of our family.  Two maybe? Time just flies by.  And I know I take a lot of snap shots, but there is something special and timeless about professional ones.  They get framed and remembered.

SO I told Nick I wanted to all be in the pictures this time, and said it could be my Mother's Day present.  We just took a few quick shots before we did Henry's three year session, but I am SO happy with them.
Family 2012
My little family
Family 2012
Sometimes we clean up nice
Family 2012
So happy we took the time.
Three Year Pictures
I think we will always love these.

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