Wednesday, May 23, 2012

These Kids Just Keep Getting Bigger...

I have both babies today, so I took them to see Carter graduate from Kindergarten.  Because who doesn't love a good Kindergarten graduation?
Henry had so much fun and cried when we left because "Henry want to go to SCHOOOL!!"
Because, as you know, school is the COOLEST THING EVER.  At least according to Henry.  He is bound to be a nerd, just like his mama and papa. God bless his sweet heart.
The fact that Carter (and my godson Wesley too! He just doesn't have a graduation ceremony I can crash) are old enough to graduate from Kindergarten blows my mind and makes me all weepy. Seriously.  Like I actually got weepy watching Carter up on stage singing about saying goodbye to Kindergarten and HELLO FIRST GRADE! How are they this big already when it feels like I was JUST blogging about them being born?  I HAVE BEEN BLOGGING FOR THESE BOYS ENTIRE LIVES.  That blows my mind.
Add in the fact that Carter's big sister is graduating from HIGH SCHOOL this week, and that I met her and fell in love with her sweet heart when she was about the boys age, AND that Nick's best friends daughter (who was our flower girl in our wedding) is graduating from Middle School this year and you can go ahead and put a stamp on my forehead that says I am officially getting O-L-D.  Weepy and old and so very in love with all the wonderful children (some of whom aren't really 'children' anymore) that are in my life.  Is there a way to make it slow down, just a little?
Henry's 3rd Birthday
Here is our other big Kindergarten Graduate, Welsey.  So proud of you, sweet boy. 

Morgan's graduation pictures to come next week.  I will likely move past weepy and official just cry when my girl walks across the stage. Seriously, time. You are sorta pushing me here.

** Right up until this exact moment, I ALWAYS thought it was called KindergarDen, not KindergarTen.  Shows what I know.  Thanks, spell check. You are always good to me.

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  1. Ha, my son also asks about every day if he can go to school now (he will start preschool in September). We've told him that he needs to get out of his diapers first... Hope it will be a good motivation to get him potty trained pronto! I'm soooo ready for that!