Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Newest Addiction Lives at Downton

You guys, I am so addicted.
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Which... you know... shouldn't really be that surprising seeing as how I have this odd obsession with most British things, and Downton Abbey most definitely classifies as British. Nick and I have devoured the first two seasons,  which sounds like a lot until you find out that for some reason a "season" consists of 7-9 episodes.  WHAT IS UP WITH THAT, BBC?  Don't you know I NEED at least 16 episodes to call it a SEASON?  How very British of you.

Anyway, we thought we were done with the second season a week or so ago, but then we were at a family dinner and I casually asked if the extra on the DVD about "Christmas at Downton" was worth watching.  I thought it was like, a walk through of the house all decked out for the holidays. My dad basically screamed at me that "THAT IS THE FINAL EPISODE OF THE SEASON YOU FOOL!"  So... like...good to know.  BUT in my defense, all other episodes were called "Episode 1, Episode 2, ect" then at the end there is "Christmas at Downton".  WHY NOT CALL IT EPISODE NINE, BBC?  Once again, how very British of you. (or maybe PBS puts out these DVD's... who knows. Either way, you should name your episodes in a logical and consistent manner so as to not confuse the simple minded folks addicted to your show)

Anyway again, we watched the finale this week and, spoiler free, lets just say you SHOULD NOT SKIP THAT EPISODE.  Important things happen.  Things that you want to see!  And it is TWO HOURS! Two hours full of important Downton Goodness!

So, I guess the entire point of this post is to say that I have found something new that I love. And I think you will love it too.  And I am pretty pushy about these things, so you  might as well go ahead and give in and watch it so we can talk about it.   Do we have a deal?

What? You want to know what it's about?  FINE, I will tell you.  Basically it's the running of a huge estate in the early 1900's in England.  The story is split pretty evenly between the wealthy family that lives there and the servants that keep the house running.  The story line rolls through  things like the sinking of the Titanic and World War I, weaving an amazing picture of what life would be like at that time. If... you know... you were insanely wealthy or worked for insanely wealthy people.  The acting, the story lines, the location, everything about it is awesome and worth checking out.  Even if it's just so you can come here and tell me how you liked it!


  1. Are you as bugged as I am that season 3 doesn't start until January 2013??

    How will we survive?

    1. Um, YES I AM! How long does it take to shoot NINE EPISODES??

      I am not sure I can wait that long.

  2. YES! By chance I saw Season 1 on Netflix and was all "Eh... I've got nothing else to watch while I fold laundry." It sucked me right in and I loved it! So excited that I still have Season 2 to look forward to, and thanks to Brit's comment, I'm going to try to wait a bit before watching it so I don't have as long of a wait until season 3.

    1. I am impressed you didn't start watching season 2 right away! I have no restraint.

      Can't wait to hear what you think about it once you get caught up!

  3. I love this show as well!! :)

    They call it a Christmas special .. since I guess it's a British tradition for shows to have a Christmas special? I'm not totally sure, since we don't really have that here.. I don't believe people knew there would be one until it was announced. For those not in the UK, it's all bundled up for us as one season. Over there, they have 2 DVDs.. Season 2 and the Christmas Special.

    I'm dying for Netflix to add Season 2 to their streaming though.. it's been long enough!!

  4. I love this show, too! Arielle

  5. This is so funny!!

    You're probably going to disown me for this, but I don't really like period dramas so haven't ever watched Downton Abbey! *gasp* (I know, shame on me!!)

    It seems funny to me that you find it so odd we have short seasons, but then again although I don't find it odd (I'm used to it) I do wish we had longer seasons sometimes. Some of my favourite shows end far too quickly.

    If you like British things (and we do have lots of funny quirks!) I can recommend some great comedies that crack me up every time I watch them. Have you ever seen "The Good Life"? (I think it may be called Good Neighbors in the US) it's an old comedy but so charming. And then one of my all-time favourites is Dinnerladies (though the humour may be a bit too localised and British, I don't know!) I watched both seasons of Dinnerladies 3 times when pregnant. Um then there's Red Dwarf. And The Vicar of Dibley (about a female vicar in a small rural village - so funny!) Oh, actually I should stop now or my comment will be massive!

    (Also, I *will* get round to catching up on everything soon, I promise! I just seem to be so far behind these past few months xx)