Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Top 25 and Other Ramblings

So I was going to actually write a real post today, but then.... well... you see, I took a shower, a small thing really, and then I dropped Henry off with my mom and ran by the grocery to get like five little things, basically nothing at all. And at the end of all of that, I was EXHAUSTED.  Like, hard to keep my eyes open on the 0.2 mile drive home from the grocery exhausted.

So.... good to know.  I am not all the way better.  I might FEEL all the way better while laying on my couch eating Everything Bagel Chips dipped in whipped cream cheese (OH MY GOD) and drinking iced coffee (I know, my life=hard) but once I actually attempt to move my butt, I realize that yeah... I had surgery to remove a (small) organ 48 hours ago.  CHILL OUT AND STOP TRYING TO DO ALL THE STUFF.

So, no real blog post today.  (I have no idea why this doesn't count as a real post. I have used plenty of capitol letters)  But I did just get an email about the final list for the Circle of Mom's Top 25 Inspirational Blogs!  I came in at number 23, which if you think about it, manages to sneak in to the actual top 25!  For the record, I sent a cute picture to be included with my answers to the interview, but I guess they didn't get it.  Oh well.  I guess number 23 is stuck with using the little cartoon character from the header.  Such is life.

Anyway, Check out the list.  There are a bunch of amazing blogs on it.  And thank you all so much for voting me back into the top 25 for the second year in a row!  It really does make me very happy.

Now back to these bagel crisps...

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  1. I am going to check this out, well done for making the top 25, that is mega. Is there a top 25 for Dads (or Dads to be?) maybe I should start one