Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Alive and Well

Hello everybody! Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I was very busy sleeping.  My surgery went really well. Like this has been the easiest first 24 hours post surgery of any of my four laparoscopic surgeries.  I am sure that has to do with the fact that I just had all the endometriosis removed two months ago, so they were really just going in to get out that tube and ovary.  The entire thing was pretty fast (or so I am told. It felt like the blink of an eye to me, but it always does). 

My doctor said the ovary definitely needed to come out.  That it has a large blood supply going to it (I assume he means the cyst did, or the ovary had more of a blood supply that it normally should... I am sorta hazy on that and will talk about it more at my follow up on Monday).  He said there was endomteriosis all over it, and between the endo and the increased blood supply it was no wonder it hurt like hell. (my words, not his. He is very professional and doesn't say things like 'hurts like hell' ).

There was a moment, right before we rolled into surgery, where he came to talk to us and mentioned that he really hoped this helped the pain, but it might not.  That the pain might not be due to that ovary at all.  I had already had my "relaxation medication" shot into my IV so I wasn't even sure he said it, but after we got home Nick and I talked about it and it was definitely put out there.  "we hope this helps.. but it might not.".  So there is that to think about, but worrying doesn't do me any good.  For now, we are just hoping this is my cure.

And sitting here, 24 hours in, I can say that I really think it will be.  I am very sore right now (sitting at this desk chair is doing an excellent job of reminding me of that), but I am the right kind of sore.  I am "just had surgery 24 hours ago' kind of sore.  And as painful as that is, I kinda already feel better than I did the day before surgery.  The terrible pain focused on my left side is not there like it was.  the sharp shooting pain in my left lower back that would shoot down my leg isn't there.  I feel bad, but it's just had surgery bad. Not "How can I ever live with this" bad.

And for me, that is a sign that there is hope.  That this might actually have fixed me.  And once again, I am crying about it.  But this time, they are the good tears.  Because I really think I might get to finally feel better.  And after months of feeling miserable, that is the best news I have ever heard.  Time will tell if it's really true.

***I have a new blog post up today with Bloggers For Hope on living with endometriosis after the infertility treatments are over.  Stop by and check it out if you have time!


  1. Glad everything went well and you are feeling relatively better. Hoping this does help and the pain subsides.

  2. I hope you have a speedy recovery and a pain free future. :)

  3. I'm hoping with you that this surgery did fix it and you can be pain free from now on. Take it easy!

  4. Good to hear that you're feeling pretty good for being post-op!

    Praying that this will give you the pain relief you deserve and a quick recovery.

  5. Been thinking of you & praying! Hope this was your last surgery and you get to feeling better. xo

  6. Oh sweetie, I am so, so sorry I haven't been by in such a long time and have missed all of this! I got completely bogged down with too many things and then we went on holiday and I am only just catching up. I hope you didn't think I'd completely forgotten about you, because I hadn't, I just didn't manage to keep up with all that was going on for you!

    I'm glad to hear the surgery went well and you are recovering nicely. I shall read back through all the posts I missed once Oscar gives me enough time to read it all properly but just wanted to say I am sorry you had to have another surgery but hope that it does indeed help with the pain.

    Big hugs to you xx