Thursday, May 31, 2012

The First Husband: A BlogHer Book Club Review

*This is a paid review for BlogHer Book Club. As always, my thoughts are completely my own.

The First Husband by Laura Dave is one of those books that as you read it, you can see it becoming a movie that girlfriends around the world will go to see together because their husbands just aren't interested.  Or at least, my husband wouldn't be interested.  But it has the feel of a story that could quickly be turned into a screen play starting Rachel McAdams and maybe Ryan Gosling (Ryan Gosling can just be my constant casting roll for any leading man) and girls aged 15-55 would watch the preview and think "Yep... that's my kind of movie". The story has enough meat to it to keep you interested, but it is light enough to pick up and set down as time allows.

The First Husband is a very simple story about a girl, Annie Adams, who loves her life as a travel writer, loves her long term live in boyfriend Nick, and feels like life is all around pretty perfect.  Next thing she knows that live in boyfriend is breaking up with her and her life is upside down.  Within a few weeks of the breakup she goes out to a bar in Los Angeles on her own to reenter society and meets Griffin.  A full fledged life upheaval takes place where Annie relocates and starts an entirely new life in small town Maine.  A few months in her job is up in the air, her ex is wanting her back, and she is trying to decide who she wants to be.  Or maybe who she is and has always been.  Either way, it plays out as a sweet love story, and it might not be a book that leads to deep thinking, but I enjoyed it. 

We will be discussing The First Husband over at BlogHer for the next several weeks.  Come join the conversation!

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