Friday, September 4, 2009

Draft Day

We had our fantasy football draft last night...Henry was VERY excited.

Draft Day from Sarah on Vimeo.

For those of you that say, "that was EXACTLY like the last video!" I say to you, "NO WAY! It was TOTALLY different...I mean, he is in his Jammies! and he is in his chair! And...and...just TOTALLY different!"

Henry started out the draft strong...full of smack talk and everything.
Henry says, "You think you can take ME? You got NOTHING on ME!!"

but turns out the draft gets a little dull...
so he passed out around the eighth round. Rookie.


  1. Henry is just to dang cute! He looks so tiny in his Bumbo... I have to squeeze Kasen into his!

    And hey - I have that same bedspread!

  2. Ok I have no idea what a Fantasy Football Draft Day is all about (Tim doesn't do team sports... he's more of a golf guy) but that video was just the most adorable thing I have seen in such a long time - Goooooo Henry!! xx

  3. Those pictures are so darn cute. I love the last one. You are right Henry...draft day is lots of work.

    I hope you enjoy your first college football season.