Tuesday, September 15, 2009


So when I was home with Henry yesterday I happened to be walking through the living room and looked out the window and saw this adorable, fit, red headed girl jogging down our street. I did not see her once, not twice, but THREE TIMES during the day. THREE TIMES she jogged down my street (that I saw...lord only knows how many times she ACTUALLY ran down the street...). Her ipod ear-plugs were in and she wasn't even out of breath. Just out for a lovely jog on a nice fall day. Although I personally did not jog on Monday, I did consume an alarming amount of pasta...and three oatmeal cream pies. They are healthy because they are oatmeal. Don't get me started. I will fight you to the death on this matter. HEALTHY.

Anyway, the adorable red head has got me thinking....I think I should do a little exercising. I mean, I am not going to go all crazy and jog THREE TIMES A DAY or anything (okay, maybe she didn't take three seperate jogs, but rather one LONG jog, but still...you get my point), but maybe I could handle jogging, like three times a week. What do you all think? Before you place a vote on if you think I can do it, I should mention a few things....

*I was on the track team. In middle school. ( I am really proud about this, so I just wanted to remind you)

*Once, when running for the track team, the coach informed me that I ran like a shot chicken. This was in the hay day of my physical fitness...so really I can only have gone down from there.

*Another day on the track team (oh all the memories) I was doing conditioning, and a teacher of mine drove by. the next day she asked if I was okay, because I looked "close to death" while running around the school. This was well into the track season and I was "fit".

*I have sports induced asthma...but I have an inhaler around here someplace.

*I haven't consistently exercised since middle school.

*I tried to jog once back about a year and a half ago. Yes, just the once. I got on adorable work-out clothes and set my ipod to some "pump you up" play list. I figured I would jog one song, walk one song. About 25 seconds in I thought I was going to die. I did a 3min walk, 30 second jog cycle. I was sore for a week. I haven't been back out since, but I do still ejoy the playlist.

*I am very clumsy. Good chance I will bite the dust.

Okay, so there is my list. Still, I keep hearing about this couch potato to 5K thing...and I am tempted. Really tempted. I mean, how hard can it be? I just gotta run...that red head can do it. I think I am going to give it a go!


  1. Ok, I love your track memories! Do it! I'm doing the C25K and if I can do it you can do it too! I was really out of shape (and honestly still have a long way to go) and I will be starting week 8 of the C25K. It is like having a personal trainer in your ear telling you when to run/walk. The techno music sucks but it's worth if for the personal trainer. 3 days a week is my goal too. I sometimes get 2 in a week and other weeks I get 3 but that is better than 0!!

  2. hehe! since my fertility doc said I needed to lose some weight, i decided it was finally cool enough in San Antonio to take a bike ride. I ended up walking home. I thought we had gone for miles!! After I collapsed on the couch, my husband was like, well, we went about 2 miles... WHAT?? sad.. sad.. sad.. oh, and the cool part? it turned hot and humid while we were out, so that didn't help!!

    I hope to try again tomorrow... we shall see.

  3. This post cracked me up! Too funny!!

    I say do it. Just start out slow. Like me...I started "running" or what I call "running" in April. I do a two minute warm up, then I walk really fast for two mintues, then "run" for three minutes and I do that cycle over again for half hour. I thought I was doing great. Well, until the gym moved their treadmills around. Now they are by the large wall of windows. So now when I "run" I can see my reflection. Yee-Gads!! Do I look like a big ole dork "running"!!

    Oh-well, my legs are starting to look nice and now after "running" for a few months I'm feeling better than ever.

    I say go a head and start, just don't look at yourself in a wall of windows. :)

  4. I have exercise-induced asthma as well and have never been a runner but really want to give it a try. I know the first month will be the hardest and I really hope that I can stick with it because I know I'll feel amazing if I do.

    I've finally been cleared by my doctor for full exercise and tomorrow I start my weekly weight lifting class at the gym which I am so excited for. I used to do this class and have missed it! I plan on starting to hit the treadmill for a bit afterwards and building up my running from there.

    That rant all to say - go for it!

  5. Thank you for letting me know what a great health food oatmeal pies are! ;)

  6. LOL! I say just start walking and run a little bit. But at least walk.

    That's what I'm going to do anyhow.

    Right after this Oatmeal Cream Pie.

  7. Dear Middle School Track Star:

    Hahaha.... those oatmeal pies top it off. Davis said the best way to start running is when you're on a walk, **this should probably be the first stage of your "i'm gonna start running"---walking regularly at a fast pace**, that you run as long as you can and then go back to normal. You will build up the length of running more and more as you go. That's what he told me...and I think we should trust him even if his degree did come from UofL.

    I'm be more than happy to exercise with you once a week. So I can "start running" too. :) the image of us together awkwardly running might scare people.