Wednesday, October 7, 2009


A big event occurred at our house this weekend. Henry rolled over for the very first time! It was thrilling. We have been putting him on his belly for a long time, and he can get his arms under him and sorta push up, but the rolling just wasn't happening. Then, all of a sudden on Saturday, he just flipped. Then he looked at us like, "What? Is THAT what you have been waiting for?? That was NOTHING!" *Yawn from boredom at mundane event like rolling* So...I took a video. Of course I did.

Rolling Over from Sarah on Vimeo.

It is all of nine seconds, because my baby is a rolling master (as long as I put him up on his arms like that...if I make him lay flat on his stomach we get a few minutes of angry grunts and flopping around like a fish while he gets his arms under him...but whatever. ROLLING MASTER). It took me a couple of tries to get him on his stomach and have time to get the camera up and taping because he now feels there is no need to spend ANY time on his tummy. Not now that he can ROLLLLLLLL *said in crazy pro-wrestler announcer voice*

(this is all one-way rolling of course. Belly to back. Once he learns he can roll from his back to his belly...then learns that he can use these two skills know...MOVE from one place to another..well...that my friends is another story entirely...maybe we should get on that baby proofing everyone talks about.)

(also, I like how Henry has drool on his face in the video. We are nothing but class over here)

(Thanks so much for all the great advice on feeding schedules! We have a week or two before we go to three meals a day, so I have some time to decide which way to go but your alls comments were a huge help!)

(I want to say this after every video, but I REALLY don't sound like that in real life...I swear)