Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Toy

My sisters surprised me with an iphone for my birthday! They are way too good to me. I am completely in love. (Mainly with the phone...but also with my sisters...and Nick too)

Expect lots of high quality pictures like this one now that I have my new toy...

Henry: "I am going to take this passie out and tell you what's what if you don't stop taking my picture with that thing!"

Mama: "HOLD STILL!!" *click*delete*click*delete*...

PS. I will gladly take all suggestions on App's you love! I am currently adding high quality things like "What's your IQ?" and "Wooden Labyrinth". Good times.


  1. I want the I-phone. Let me know how you like it.

  2. If you love food, you have to get urbanspoon. It's free and tells you all the places you can eat and their reviews. Works great for when you leave your own city and want to go somewhere good, but off the beaten path.

  3. Scrabble, LOVE IT!
    the weather channel
    paper toss
    all recipes
    check please
    google (talk)

    Uhhhh can you tell I'm in love with my iphone....I would marry it!