Monday, March 12, 2012

Two Steps Forward...

I am slowly starting to feel like myself again.  An important step in the right direction, since in general I enjoy being myself.  I am still very sore, but the swelling does seem to be going down.  I hope to soon be able to wear pants that do not have an elastic waist.  It's sorta funny when "button fat jeans" because an actual goal on my weekly to-do list.

In what can only be described as terrible timing, Henry has come down with an evil virus/infection over the last few days.  We first noticed it on Wednesday, and Thursday morning before surgery I had him in to doctor's office basically begging them to "PLEASE GOD DO SOMETHING BEFORE I HEAD IN TO SURGERY IN THREE HOURS".  We got the expected response of "looks like a virus... fluids, rest.".  A few deep sighs and $25 later we were home and I listened to that "virus" settle into his chest to become the completely expected and unsurprising sinus infection by Sunday morning.

Of course, between the Thursday "virus" appointment and the Sunday morning "infection" appointment we had two solid nights of coughing, gasping for air, high fevers with wet wash clothes, and many many kicks to the tender abdomen of Mama while we all sleep in one big sick/surgery recovery bed. 

Good times, am I right?

Henry is now on antibiotics but still sounds like an 80 year old, four pack a day smoker.  Mama is hoping to go to work for a few hours tomorrow, but we will see how that entire "shower" thing works out first.  I gave it the old college try on Saturday and required a four hour nap afterwards.

So... getting better.  Yes. Or, maybe: "yes?".  Hard to say. I feel like I am moving in the right direction.  Just with a pace of two steps forward, one step back.  Still, it's an overall net gain in the direction of healthy.

Thanks for your well wishes. We really will be back on our feet around here soon.  I feel SURE of it.

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