Monday, August 17, 2015

Killer Bee

So yesterday while walking through the back yard a bee got stuck between my foot and my shoe.  As expected, it stung me.  While I realize this shouldn't be worthy of a blog post, I am telling you about it anyway because, HOLY HELL, bee stings hurt like a son of a bitch.  I mean, not to be a baby about this or anything (I am totally being a baby about this) but it STILL hurts.  And it's like, A DAY LATER.

Now, the way I see it, getting stung on the foot has to be one of the worst places to be stung.  I mean of course I see it that way since it was where I was stung, and so I can imagine no worse pain, but it's a reasonable assumption. Also, I am not really clear on if some bee stings are worse than others, like does the bee control the amount of torture they put you through or are all bee stings created equal? Because if the bee has any form of  control over poison level, my bee was out for vengeance.  When I realized I was being stung I looked down and the bastard was STUCK IN MY FOOT.  I started ... well... honestly I started swearing like a sailor and kicked my shoe across the yard but the bee STAYED attached to my foot.  I looked at him and I am pretty sure he looked at me and his eyes said if he was going down, he was taking me down with him.

Which, he sorta did.

Nick came over and was like "What the hell?!?!" And I was like " BEEEEEE!!!"

But with WAY more cuss words.

Anyway, we put ice on it and I moped around for a bit, then I got a little embarrassed of my ice pack and put on a shoe to go out and finish pulling weeds.  THEN I GOT A BLISTER.

I just.

I can't even.

Clearly nature hates me.

Or maybe nature was just having a bad day because I know two other people who were ALSO stung by bees yesterday. WHAT THE HELL, BEES?

 At the very least, now when the dreaded day comes that Henry is stung I will have the appropriate amount of sympathy.


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