Friday, August 28, 2015

And the new semester begins...

So the new semester started this week and... well... yeah. Things are busy. Again.  Always.  I am teaching again and am excited to be back in the classroom.  I mean, half excited, half considering never doing this again.  I did have my first lecture on Thursday and it went well.  My new building is... rather unusual for a college class.  I felt like a picture was needed to really explain how unusual.

That's right.  It's a chapel.  Like is SAYS "CHAPEL" on the outside.

And it has stained glass windows. And a balcony. And really fancy church lights.

Also, it DOES NOT HAVE air conditioning.  Oh, and half way through my first lecture the projector broke*.  

Try not be be jealous of me and my glamorous life.

I have 100 students and they did seem to enjoy the first lecture... or at least they laughed when I wanted them to and I didn't even see anyone asleep.  I will choose to take that as a sign that this is a good group!  

Nick is teaching his engineering lab again as well, plus he is taking a class so it's going to be all school/work all the time around here.  You know, except for when it's all baseball all the time... a see a lot of carry out dinners in our near future.

*Luckily one of my 100 students works for the University IT and he got up and helped.

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