Monday, August 3, 2015

The Wizard

Back in early college Nick decided he wanted to build his very own arcade game. So, being Nick, he did just that.  He named it The Wizard and it plays any original Nintendo games.  It's awesome.  Although, as sometimes happens when you get older and buy a tiny house, there was not room for The Wizard inside.  It got put in the garage, where we thought we might still play it some... along with the ping pong table and dart board we put out there.  But more time passed and the ping pong table and dart board disappeared and the garage slowly filled with other random things.  (Mostly wood from Nick's many other projects.)  But this weekend we made the decision to clean out the garage in order to prepare for a new addition, this time turning that garage space into a new home office with like, finished walls and lights and... you know, INSIDE stuff like heat.  We pulled out all the wood and random things that had accumulated over the last eleven years and... it was a lot of stuff.

SO. MUCH. STUFFFFF... how did it even all fit in there?!

Once the garage was mostly empty we looked at the dusty old Wizard.  We hadn't really thought about it for years beyond casual "remember The Wizard..." type discussions.  Nick asked if we should just get rid of it, but I said I was sure we could find room in the new office for it to have a forever indoor home.  He dusted it off and went to get Henry.

Yeah.  I think it has a forever home. He cannot WAIT to show his friends.


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