Friday, July 31, 2015

Cici's Annie Birthday Bash

I am not sure how it's possible, but this girl turned five this week.

Here she is with her Mommy and Daddy

I can't even...

 Darcy is completely in love with the updated version of Annie (the original is also a hit) so when it was time to plan her party she had only one thought.  ANNIE!  Unfortunately Annie isn't a common party theme on Pinterest so Boo had to get creative. I think she did AMAZING!
Centerpieces... seriously, how cute are these?!  Also, see that pole in the background wrapped in streamers? Yeah, I did ten of those. And my legs STILL hurt.  I think my body is trying to tell me something. (Like exercise)
She also had five games the kids played and at each station they earned tickets. Once they had all their tickets they got to do the pinata (The epitome of fun according to this group) This is the "Hard Knock Life" game where they had to clean up glitter. They loved it!
And here they are in the "Rescue Sandy" game where Nick had hidden stuffed dogs at the play ground and they had to find them and bring them back to him. It was a favorite
The find the pissing piece to your heart necklace game. Every kid had a necklace to match. I am amazed that they all continued to wear their heart necklaces all day!
Writing their name in Chalk liked Annie in the movie. It's hard to see here, but it was FANCY WRITING
And then, my personal favorite (and the game I ran) the movie premiere photo booth!
I am just gonna share a few of these
Because photo booths are always awesome
Then it was on to the pinata!
CANDY! (And money... which, turns out, kids like to find)
And cake!
And presents!

And a wonderful time was had by all

As always :)

And also as always, I took WAY more pictures than I can include in normal party rundown.  So... see below if you want to see all the friends and family photos!


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  1. What a fun birthday party!!! I hope everyone had great time in this outdoor party. Last year I arranged an outdoor party on my daughter’s birthday bur the sudden rain ruined that party. So this year I will be hosting her birthday party at one of the indoor party halls in Boston MA.