Monday, July 6, 2015

Back! (Busy)

Wow, three weeks is a REALLY long time to be out of town.  But if you want to know how long it actually takes to be off work and to really and truly decompress and re-energize, three weeks is the answer. IT WAS AMAZING!  But, I guess as is to be expected, being off work and out of town for three weeks results in you being insanely busy when you return. So... as seems to be the theme around here lately, I will likely not have much time for blogging.  One day soon I will edit the vacation pictures and make a photo montage. I also have big plans to make a video from things we took with the gopro, but lord only knows how long that will take me.  For now, here is a family picture from the lake.

It was amazing.  More to come... eventually.

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