Monday, July 27, 2015

(Driveway) Hockey

I think I mentioned it before, but over the past few months Henry has become interested in Hockey; an interest that was sparked by playing NHL Hits with Nick and Matt (video games... making kids interested in sports since 1985).  This isn't an interest I really want to put a lot of effort into helping to grow since, 1) Henry isn't much of a physical contact sport kinda kid; 2) I like his teeth/smile; 3) We live in Kentucky... there isn't a large hockey market around here; and 4)HOCKEY?! Sound like a mother's worst nightmare. But Nick also sorta enjoys a little hockey, so this weekend the two of them broke out Nick's old street hockey equipment and played in the driveway.

The puck drop
The pass
The checking...
The... whatever this would be called.  The hockey-ing?
And a break away goal!

 I actually got in on the action and played goalie. No pictures taken since you know... I was busy letting the puck pass me and go directly into our make shift goal every time it came close. You really gotta concentrate to not stop anything.  I gotta admit, it was pretty fun.  Although I can only imagine ice and body slamming will remind me of all my reasons to continue to pursue baseball as his sport of choice.

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  1. Don't forget basketball. He does have those tall genes and, as you say, it is KY.