Tuesday, September 1, 2015


In a clear demonstration of how busy we have been as of late, I have somehow not mentioned the upcoming (and now actually happening) fact that my cousin Emily is going to be living with us for ten weeks this semester while she completes an internship for her Physical Therapy doctoral program. 


 Her and her husband live around three hours from here, so when she found out she was going to have this ten week rotation in our home town she asked if we might be open to having a roommate for a few weeks.  We of course said sure, the more the merrier! Funny enough, she is the third family member/roommate we have had in our ten years at our house.  Missy also lived with us for awhile, and when we first moved in my cousin Liz lived with us as well.  We REALLY love our family!  And as a side note, I absolutely love the fact that Nick is always "Your family member needs a bed? No problem. Let's clean out some closet space...." He is my very favorite husband.

 So Emily has been living with us for a week and Henry is THRILLED.  I mean, she plays video games and card games with him AND she came to his tball game.  When she got there he turned to her and said "Emily, how exited are you that you get to see me play tball?!?"  She of course said she was VERY EXCITED.

It's actually been a great experience since Emily and I grew up in different cities and haven't ever really spent much time one on one.  We are all really enjoying the time together.  After all, cousins are the best...


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