Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Let's Talk Teaching

 So you remember how I am teaching again this semester?  Well, turns out teaching is SO MUCH EASIER the second time around.  I can't even begin to tell you how much simpler this all feels.  I know the material, I have my lectures prepared, I just walk in and talk.  IT. IS. AMAZING. And honestly, just so much simpler than I thought possible. Not that it doesn't take time, because it does, but I really like my group of (99!) kids. They seem interested in the topic, which is all you can ask for an introductory class.   I mean, the fact that they continue to come, even though I don't take attendance, kinda blows my mind.  Every day I walk in and think "Welp, this is the day I will only have ten show up..." but again and again I am talking to a full room (Chapel) of students. 

I have also got a much better hold on some general management this semester and have managed to divide some of responsibilities this semester between my TAs so I do not feel the need to DO ALL THE THINGS.  Turns out NOT doing all the things is awesome. I highly recommend delegating. 

All in all I am constantly surprised by how much I enjoy the teaching aspect of my job.... while continually debating if I will ever do it again.  But with how this semester has started, I am starting to grow more confident in my abilities, and even thinking that I would miss the teaching if it went away.  It adds stress, and allows a little less time for things like sleeping and blogging, but the student interaction is nice.  And the spreading of knowledge is nice.  And... I don't know, not to over simplify it, but leaving a mark on these students, hopefully making a little bit of a difference in how they see the world and how they choose to interact with it, that feels really amazing.

Back when I was a student I wrote a blog post about the time I gave to school was time I took from my family, so in the end it had to be worth it, because that time was precious.  That still rings true. Teaching for me is an option, not a requirement, so I am regularly weighing the pros and cons of continuing.  Is it worth the fast food dinner?  Is it worth the weekend hours I spend emailing or reviewing or preparing?  Is it worth my time, which, not to be selfish, but is MINE.  So far this semester I am going with yes. 

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