Thursday, September 3, 2015

Game Ball - The Fall Ball Edition

 So the tball light seems to have turned on with our boy.  Not that he hasn't always enjoyed the game, because he has. That's why we are out there so much, obviously.  But the last two years as I watched some of the older kids play I was like "Huh.  That's SIGNIFICANTLY more advanced that I thought was possible at this age..."  I wondered if some crazy change would happen in Henry as he entered his final year of tball and all of a sudden HE would seem super advanced. Honestly, I found it unlikely.

Turns out, I was completely wrong.  I watch him now and grin thinking of how the parents of the four and five year olds must watch him in a little bit of awe.  With a little bit of that "Well THAT'S Advanced..." thinking I have had the last couple of years.  And it's really cool.  It's fun to play sports, but it becomes infintely more fun when you really understand the game.

Last night Henry played an inning at 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.  He made an awesome stop and ran down a player at 2nd to get an out.  He was hussling and calling for the ball.  He had an epic hit which could have been a double if the first base coach had sent him on. 

It was a great game and was really REALLY fun to watch.  And this is just a scrimmage season to give the kids extra practice for the spring.  I have a feeling the spring is going to be REALLY fun for this boy.

At the end of the game the coach said one player was the clear MVP of the game, that this player never stopped hussling.  I wasn't at all surprised to see the ball go to our boy :)

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