Monday, December 3, 2007

Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy Anniversary!!

The title is better if you are a member of my family and know the tune to the Anniversary song, but alas, you are not all that lucky. I would write it all out for you, but that is basically it...again and again. When Boo called me and Nick (separately, on both our cell phones) and left us messages of the song, he thought she had lost her mind. One day he will sing it too...he is already saying "You want it, we got it..Toyota" Whenever he catches someone (especially me) reading street signs. He has not hope.

Anyway, I am totally off my topic is my parents 30th Anniversary! How amazing is that? I knew it was their anniversary, but it just occurred to me this weekend that it was the big 3-0. It just doesn't seem like it has been five years since we had them their big 25th Anniversary Party. Just another sign that I am getting older...but this is not the point either. The point it is that my parents are the best and I hope the have a wonderful Anniversary! You guys have set such an amazing example for your children with your love for us and your love for each other. Congratulations!

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