Friday, December 14, 2007

Not the Best Start...

Well, I am officially on my three day weekend. This one had been greatly anticipated, seeing as how I had hellishly long days at work last Saturday and Sunday and we are all around extremely crazy busy this week. That being said, I am having a little bit of guilt with being out of the lab. I mean, since the beginning of the Friday-off routine, we have said that we take our day no matter what. If we get into the habit of coming in on our days off, then we will eventually lose the days entirely. Two people are always capable of handling it for a day...and if they are there late that night, so be it. It will be you there late next time and you will know it is okay, it is just one day and isn't that big of a deal...except today it seems like a big deal. I just feel like I am abandoning them...I called Tarp and told him I would come in (something we have all done from time to time when we are worried it is just to much) and he is thinking it over. Usually the answer if automatically no, but this week is different. This week is CRAZY. We will see, but looks like my long weekend might be cut a little short. Not that I really mind. I got to sleep in and pick up my house...I am good to go in for a few hours!

In addition to the guilty start to my three day weekend, Ellie managed to take the joy of the day down a bit for me too. I let her out this morning, then made my coffee. I let her back in and we headed to the office, her with her treat and me with my jo, for a nice relaxing morning of checking emails and reading blogs. As I sit down...I smell something. I think she may have gas because, is just the two of us here, and I don't have gas, so it must be Ellie. I ignore it (it is polite) but then it gets stronger. I think maybe she is sick or something...but then I look at her. For the very first time in her life she had decided to sounded like fun to roll in poo. That's right people! I know some dogs do this a lot, but not mine! This has never been an issue in our house. Why in the heck after six years of life would she thing, "Man, you know what sounds fun?? Some Poo rolling!!"

So, that was the end of the nice morning of coffee and blogs. Instead I dropped her in the tub. She was in serious need of a bath anyway, and now she has the lovely smell of Pantene on her coat. Once the bath was done, then I started to clean the house. Starting in the hair covered bathroom. Now I am locked in my office with Smelly Ellie because I have a Chimney Sweep going to town in my living room. One of Nicks Dad's Friends had his house burn down because of a Chimney fire, so we thought we should have it checked out. He informed me that "Nothing had been done to this chimney in "a VERY long time". Well, that's why we called you! I really want to ask him to speak with a British accent and maybe do a little song and dance, but I just can't bring myself to say it...come to think of it, that is probably best.

And...just because I think she is so cute...
I almost made it the whole year being good....Can I still get my presents...also mama, you make me look like a demon dog with my crazy red eye...
**UPDATE** Ellie says" Thank God my Papa can make me look normal! Nobody wants to look like a demon dog at Christmas."


  1. Oh Ellie, you are so so cute I refuse to believe you deliberately rolled in poo! Maybe it was an accident? Or a dare??

  2. A dare! Oh that's good! It was those crazy neighbor dogs that made her do it!

  3. Exactly! I am sure it is the influence of neighborhood dogs! Little Ellie was just peer-pressured into rolling in poo! :)

  4. You two are clearly sweet and perfect girl would NEVER do this on her own! What was I thinking...