Monday, December 31, 2007

The Best of 2007!

So, I keep thinking of writing up a post of all of my New Years Resolutions, but I am just to lazy to think them all out... maybe not being so damn lazy should really be at the top of my resolution list. It would help with many other resolutions like start working out a little, or maybe cook at home more...anyway, I figure I can totally buy a little extra time on the resolution topic with a year in review post from Bio-Girl!

I love going back and reading my blog. I always feel a little silly doing it, and it isn't at all like I sit there thinking, "MAN, I am a GREAT Writer!!", but I do get a kick out of some of the old posts. Usually it just brings back memories of things that would have long ago been forgotten had I not gotten it down in writing. So, as a special treat to you all (what, this doesn't really seem like a treat at all...having you reread old posts...whatever) I will go ahead and list a few of the posts that I think top the charts from 2007. You don't really have to go back and read them...but you know you kinda want to!
  • Remember this little gem when I busted out the seam in my pants.
  • and then there was that time I decided (and then was held to my word) to donate my hair to Lock's of Love
  • and I had totally forgotten about the time I was driving around with the "broken" AC
  • of course that annual evaluation at work...
  • or when I was so sure it was snowing...
  • and when I realized I was the key master
  • or when I allowed my mind to wonder for 12 hours in the car
  • and that one time I got stuck on the roof...
  • Oh, and pushing the truck
  • and (Just for you Mandy) that picture of my curly hair
So, there are ten posts that are worth reading over. They might not be the best, because due to the previously mentioned laziness, I did not actually read them. Rather, I scanned the titles and grabbed the ones I remembered. Hope you enjoy them and have a wonderful New Years Eve! See you in 2008!


  1. oh sarah...the pic of your curly hair brings a smile to my face. happy new year!!

  2. Oh, I am a huge fan of the curly haired Sarah,too, but the driving around with a "broken" AC story actually brought tears to my eyes because I laughed so hard!

    Happy New Year to you!