Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

I kinda sorta hate New Years Eve. I am usually all about parties and Holidays, so you would really think I would love this day, but it is just always either to much work or to much build up and not enough pop. (Yeah, pop was the best word I could think of.) I have had a few really good New Years over the years (the millennium stands out...maybe because I had the party and it rocked) and last year was actually tons of fun at the Kelsey's, but all and all it is a day I would rather just skip.

This year I was really worried. Charing and Scott were going to have a big party again, so that was going to be great...but then Scott got really sick, and with the family in town we realized it was best if they took the year off as ultimate party Hosts. We had no plans for days and days and I was really concerned. I mean, I would really be fine just staying home, but we had promised a party to Nick's cousin Matt so he was coming to town. I don't really even care to tell him it is all off, but he was bringing his new girlfriend! I just couldn't bring myself to tell them to settle in on our couch for the night...

As it turns out, Candice and Davis decided to have a party, and after all of that worry, it really did end up being a perfect New Years Eve! They had food and lots of good old alcohol. There was a champagne toast at midnight. There was even a 1am game of Pictionary that was seriously a blast. I am going to have to say that if all New Years can be this easy and enjoyable, I might have to stop hating the holiday after all!

Here is me and Nick enjoying the festivities

The host and hostess were clearly glad we all came to party

Ryan and Alyssa. She loved seeing Hannah Montana at New Years Rockin' Eve....oh that Hannah Montana.Boo and Chris

Matt and Tori seemed to enjoy themselves! PS. I love Tori. Did you know that she actually got to meet JK Rowling and have her book signed? That's right. And she is in fashion school in NYC. AND she is really funny and fun. Big fan. She can come stay with us anytime!

Hanging out waiting for the ball to drop...

Andy and Ashley...poor them. They had no idea Nick's family was so competitive at Pictionary!

The gaming was fun, but we have now learned to never allow Candice and Davis to be on the same team. They might look happy now...but at game time it was serious...and they didn't like last place one bit!

I am sad to report that Nick and I did not win at Pictionary either....clearly we were shocked because we are usually totally in sink with this sort of crap. We were just beaten out by Matt and Tori. I forgive them though...did I mention that she actually meet JK Rowling??

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a wonderful New Years Eve with the people you love and today began what is going to be the best year yet!

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  1. I am truly not a big New Year fan. I rang in the New Year in my pjs with my animals. (relaxing, I swear!)

    Glad yours ended up better than you thought it would be! :)