Friday, January 25, 2008

Welcome Weekend

Oh my I am ready for this weekend. Every single day of this week I have opened my eyes and just hoped that I have miscalculated the days and that it is, in fact Saturday. the only problem is that tomorrow...tomorrow I have to work. Sucks, right? The week in Chicago wasn't that bad, it was just a very busy week. A week of work. So, when I got home I felt that I DESERVED a weekend. To bad I have to wait another entire week for one.

I was rolling around the idea all week of going to 80's night tonight. The Pro's: they play all 80's music, it is something different, Charing and Tarp are going. The Con's: It doesn't start until 1am (yes. 1am. Like an hour after midnight), I most likely wont get home until 3am, I work Saturday at 9am, I have plans to have breakfast as Charings at 8am, It is really cold outside, I just want to be lazy for a day or two after my big I am sure you all have guessed that know me well....the laziness won. I might make it next week...or sometime in the summer when it is actually warm, but not this week. Tonight we are going out to dinner. Maybe a movie...who knows. Either way I am so happy that tomorrow when I wake up it will actually be Saturday, even if I do have to work.

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  1. Oh, I can SO relate. We just got home from dinner out and I am trying to calculate whether I can spend the ENTIRE weekend in my pajamas. It's very possible.