Friday, January 18, 2008

Date Night

Well, the weekend is here, and I have to say it has gotten off to a pretty great start. Megan and I went on a "date" tonight. You know, the classic dinner and a movie. We really are managing to entertain ourselves while on this little business trip! There was one thing that was said at dinner that was...a little disturbing. We were talking about a couple of girls that work in the Chicago lab, and Megan says (totally innocently...noting wrong with it...) that she was thinking the one girl, Sarah (obviously not me, but the Sarah that works here) is more MY age, while the other girl, the other girl was HER age. Hum. Well. You see. Megan is 23. In my head, we are basically the same age. Sure, I am 28, but I mean, we are BASICALLY the same age! Have we moved into two totally separate age brackets?? Charing says I gave myself away as old when Megan ordered a strawberry daiquiri and I ordered a margarita on the rocks...WE WERE HAVING MEXICAN!!! A Margarita on the rocks is acceptable at any age damn it!

After dinner we went to see the movie 27 Dresses. I loved it. It has been a really long time since I watched a romantic comedy that I enjoyed as much as I did this one. I was beginning to think I just wasn't that into them anymore, but apparently I was just needed to go see one of the good ones. Oh my, when they sing Benny and the Jetts... I am still laughing about it sitting here in my room. I kinda want to go and see it again...also, totally off the real subject (do I have a real subject? It is in here somewhere..) the main guy in the movie TOTALLY reminds me of Nick's cousin who comes to see us from South Carolina. Odd when you find a famous person that totally reminds you of someone you know it real life! When I sent him a text after the movie to tell him I found his twin, he said "CYCLOPS???" I inform him that the guy totally has two eyes, and no weird zit or mole or big eye or anything...all reasons for a cyclops nickname in my head....and he the tells me he is the guy from Xmen. Oh right. THAT Cyclops. Yeah, he didn't look anything like Matt in those movies...but in this movie...twin.

Tomorrow we are heading into the city, so I will try to take some pictures while trying to stay warm. I do know that I will have a blast with Nancy. I am excited to see her and excited to spend some time in downtown Chicago! Now, back to Surreal Life...amazing the things I will get sucked into on TV when I am all by if only I had something salty to eat along with the candy I bought at Target yesterday...

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  1. Age-- maybe it sounds more like she is sheltered. I hope you show her how to have a good time in the city.