Thursday, January 24, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Sorry I haven't posted since I have been back in town. Monday night we worked the full day up in Chicago, then hit the road for home. I got back into town around ten. I of course could not just go right to sleep. Not with the new car, the new TV and the new roommate! Nick, Missy and I stayed up late talking about our week and watching some, how I missed home!

The car...the car is amazing. It has been so long since I have had a really nice car (ever??). Wanna see a pic? Thought so...

I am not sure why I didn't take the picture of the ENTIRE car, but for some reason when I was outside the zoomed in angle seemed perfect. Now it is cold, so this is all you get. The rest you will just have to imagine! I will tell you that the car is worried about my safety. Last night when I got in, the screen on the dash said, "Possible Icy Conditions" car loves me already! The radio (actual normal old radio) is also worried about my music knowledge. I will never again have to say "I wish I knew who sang this..." because it scrolls over the dash as well...Title and Artist of every song. Amazing...Plus it has OnStar....which I am never going to pay for, but nice to know it is there for emergency's! Okay, I am sure you all don't care all that much about my car, so I will move on.

Wanna see what else I got while I was away??

I love the TV so much that I am not even embarrassed that I am watching the X-files on the Sci-Fi network on it...okay, maybe when I loaded this picture I did think of taking a new one with the TV off...but laziness won again! I will add that the TV is so realistic that when I took the picture, my digital camera recognized Skully's face as a person in the picture...impressive!

We are loving having Missy here too. I would take her picture, but she is at her internship right now. We always love her being around, so it has been a real joy. Now, she might get a little tired of us and our nerdiness eventually, but for now we are all great. We curled up on the couch last night to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End. Nick was all like, "I hear this movie is long. I am the only one of the three of us that is going to see it all!" With an hour left Nick was snoring and Missy and I were hooked! I liked the movie...right up until the end. Now it is haunting me. I don't like when Movies end wrong. Why, people, WHY???

Anyway, now I am sitting at home. (this really is a long rambling post...I should have not waited so long to get back on the computer...) I was sent home from work today due to excessive overtime. I was excited about the large check, but this half day is better...I am getting some laundry done, blogging...watching the X-files. You know, BIG stuff! I do have dinner going. Tarp is coming over to eat with us because Jim is down in Costa Rica having some "work" done. I am not telling secrets here. Everyone knows he is going for some "work". Come to think of it, it might be odd for someone to go away and come back with a younger looking face. I guess you always have to tell... Tarp is going down in a few weeks once he is feeling better, but for now he is home alone. What better day to get sent home early? Now I will seem like an amazing cook, and I might even sneak in a nap. I am so so happy to be home...

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  1. Hiya from a fellow biologist blogger. I stumbled on you from blog explosion and have enjoyed reading through. This post caught my eye because of the lovely Scully on your new TV - there's no shame in that ;) All the best, Chris.