Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Night Out...and a Movie

Well, I caved. I couldn't help it. I have been out of town...I haven't had time to hang out with my friends...I haven't DONE anything in a while (ignore the post on Chicago with Nancy....that is different). I went out last night. I said I wasn't doing 80's night. Cold, Tired, NOOOOO. Then Charing called. Maybe we could just do a drink....nothing late, nothing big. Just out for a drink. That sounds much more my style!

So I started off last night with Nick, Boo, Chris, Missy and Weston. We all headed out to a Japanese place for dinner. I am always amazed with the good old Hibachi grills. We had a wonderful sister dinner. Once dinner was over we all parted ways. Nick and I went home and Charing came to get me. We ended up at a new bar downtown that was really great. It doesn't really seem like a bar in our city, which is enjoyable. It is nice, but not to nice. It has character. And it has good Cosmopolitans. Always key. We were there early enough to get one of the big tables, so that was awesome. A little later Tarp and a couple of friends showed up, so we had so much fun with them. Tarp was acting as group photographer, so we have many pictures which I will steal and post on here later.

The night was great. We were home by midnight (although Charing and I were basically pulled from the bar kicking and screaming due to the need to pick Morgan up from a movie) and I was able to do breakfast this morning before work. Sounds like a perfect compromise on the evening to me!

Now, on a totally (TOTALLY) different subject. Like so far off the subject I am not sure why I am not putting it into a totally separate post...except it doesn't seem worthy of its own entry...seems like an add on, just maybe this isn't the best post for it to tag on to....oh well. I believe I have over hyped. Here it is...I watched the movie 1408 with Nick, Missy and Tarp the other night. Over hype? Off the subject? Whatever. Have you all seen this movie? Justin told me it was "not scary. I little suspenseful...more like a thriller". lies. LIES. This movies was SCARY. So scary that I kept having to turn my face away. And Tarp kept laughing at the movie...because that is how he handles fear. Between my face buried in the couch and Tarp's giggles I believe that Missy and Nick had quite a show!

Anyway, my problem here is that we watched the unrated directors cut. I don't want to give anything away here, but I have issues when the directors cut has A TOTALLY DIFFERENT END. Like the difference between life and death. That is one hell of an alternate ending! I am cool with a few extra scenes here or there, but don't you think it is to much when the ending is that different? summary...I had fun out at the bar last night...and I am not a fan of alternate endings to movies. The End.

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  1. I'm thinking: #1- no one read this post, #2- no one watched that terifying movie, or #3- no one cares that we had fun.

    Thanks for calling out my crutch by-the-way.. laughter gets you through everything!