Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Technology is Great..As Long As it Works

So I am back at work after the glorious day off yesterday. This week is a straight up mess in my head. Work Monday, off Tuesday, Work Wednesday and Thursday, then off Friday. I have this deep rooted feeling that I really should not have to be here at all. Like I am doing them a favor gracing them with my presence these two days. I think the company might look at this a little differently...

We arrived at work today and got to have a very pleasant meeting of things we need to do. Our GM worked for us in the Bio lab yesterday so we could all three get the day off (awesome). As is to be expected, she found many things she wanted to discuss this morning. It was not to bad...not as bad as it could have been, but it definitely got us all three on track this morning. So, what better morning for our server to crash. That's right. We had the Internet, but that was it. No network. No files. No reports. Basically no work at all. The main lab said to just consider it an extension of our here, but don't really work. HA! You can imagine how well that went over with the GM. She just told us to get a load of stuff done, and then we were at a stand still. She informed us that it was not an option and that was just not a luxury we had! How sad for us.

Fortunately for her there were many things on her list that we did not need the server for. Really terrible things I would have tried to avoid like dishes and cleaning the lab. Cleaning Fish tanks, making new solutions...all the extra stuff. That means I got to spend the day at the sink. I washed more dishes than you have ever seen in your life. BY HAND! I really don't know why we allow ourselves to have so many dishes, because we will always use them all and let it get out of control before one of us breaks down and washes them. I did get to wear my lovely white lab coat, that I have and adore and thought I would wear every day when I went to get measured for it. Come to find out those suckers are kinda warm, so I only wear it when I am doing something I think I might get on my clothes. I do feel like such a little scientist when I have it on though...even with that perk, Friday can't come fast enough for me!

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