Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I have been extra good this year. I know that you have forbid me from wearing any of my new Christmas present clothes before actual Christmas day, but I was so hoping you would look into your heart and possibly make one exception. You see Santa, I have this Christmas work party coming up, and you got me this perfect hot pink sweater and dark jeans that would make the the absolute cutest person at the party. I would be so cute in fact that when I walk in, they will most likely give me a raise on the spot...and maybe stock in the company, just for being so put together and adorable...I am sure it will happen. The problem is that all will be lost if I am not able to wear said hot pink sweater and wonderful skinny-butt dark jeans...then I will be forced to wear a paper bag and most likely get fired. This will most likely lead to the worst Christmas ever. I will leave the decision with you, Santa. Please let me know what you think. Also, totally off the subject...I sure do love you Santa. Lots and lots and lots...

Your Favorite Middle Child (in the whole world),


  1. Oh, I think Mom and Dad, uh, I mean, Santa will probably let you slide on that one. I'm sure they want you to get that raise.

  2. How can Santa not grant your request after such a cute letter? :D

  3. LOL! BUT I'm afraid you will have to wear said paper bag because there are no exceptions! That perfect pink sweater and skinny butt jeans don't exsist until Christmas morning! I NEVER should have let you take them home! *Shame*

  4. Actually, I totally won over Santa and the and was given permission to dip into my Christmas gifts early for the sake of my job!