Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Change of Plan

So, remember how I told you all like a million posts ago that we were going to be buying a new truck? For real. Did you look at when that post was written. It was in April. I am just a little embarrassed. Well anyway, we have had our car guy looking for our truck that entire time. The problem was that we were being extremely specific with what we wanted and it just is not that common. He has seen it, it does in fact exist, but it is just not common. So...the truck hunt has continued with little to report for five months.

A couple of nights ago I had this idea. An Epiphany really. It just came to me that maybe, just maybe we didn't actually have to get a truck. I mean, sure, it made since that we HAD to have one when we made the plan. We have the addition, Nick needs to move crap all the time, we are totally a truck family. But....we haven't really been a truck family for five months now. Nick has been driving the Buick, and I had been driving the Pathfinder until it was taken from me and since then I have been getting rides from my very wonderful friends who are way to good to me. I am thinking it is the need to constantly bum rides that has really sparked my thinking on this subject actually...

So, to the point. I thought to myself that just maybe we could a car. You see, I am not really a fan of driving the Buick. I kind of hate it, although I will admit it is a smooth ride. I just don't like the idea of it being MY car. I was going to suck it up and take it with the NEED for the truck, but now...maybe not. So I carefully ask Nick what he thinks about this thought process. This was critical. I mean, sure he likes the Buick okay, but I am sure he was excited about the new truck that would be his own! When we talked about it though, he totally agreed. We figured it would be much smarter for us both to have a car that would hold a car seat for when we are able to start our family, plus maybe we would have more luck actually getting a car if we changed what we were looking for.

So now I am on a car hunt for myself! I actually think I might get an SUV rather than a car...actually we are pretty sure we are getting an SUV for sure. This way we can still go to the old Home Depot for lots of stuff, but when a truck is really needed we can either take our little run down truck up there (that we will now be fixing the radiator in and getting new tires for), or just borrow one of our dad's trucks. I am really liking the idea of of Xterra, but we will see what we can get. I will keep you all updated, but I just can't tell you how excited I am getting about having a new SUV that will be just mine and I will be able to drive myself everywhere and it will be so adorable!