Friday, April 15, 2011

The Start

Big things begin today. Or maybe little things. Little things that will hopefully add up to one big big thing. In about eleven months.

Tonight is the first shot. The first of many this cycle. But it feels so exciting to finally be starting. Here we go!

**Thank you all for your votes over the last two weeks over at Circle of Moms. I have so much to say about it, but I am waiting for the final list to come out. It might be a few days, but you will get a much more wordy thank you soon. Just know that it has touched my heart that we collected over 700 votes and ended in 4th place. So thank you all for voting me onto this list of amazing bloggers. It truly means so much.**


  1. ah yes...that needle looks familiar! Good luck on this cycle! and happy beginnings

  2. Welcome back to the races! I have so much hope for you.

  3. congrats on starting the injections! good luck!!!

  4. Will be cheering for you all through this!