Thursday, April 28, 2011


This morning I was laying in bed, nearly ready to get up and start the day, when I heard a tiny little cough. I lay there, hoping he drifts back to sleep, but I hear two little feet hit the ground and scurry across his bedroom floor.

I hear him in the hallway. Did Nick open his door in the night? I guess so. Then his little voice rings out. "Papa?" I call to him and he comes running into our room. Easter egg in hand. Huge smile on his face. I smile back and he reaches to get pulled into the bed. It's a climb he can do on his own now, but he wants me to help him, so I do.

He curls up beside me for a second, laying his head on my pillow, then hands me the little plastic egg. I know the only ones left in his room are full of goldfish and cheese crackers so I pop it open. He lets out a loud "ooooOOOOOOOOOoooooo" and then giggles with delight. He grabs his cracker, but then looks at me. He takes my face in his hands and gives me a kiss. He smiles again and pops the tiny cracker in his mouth.

He lays down beside me and pulls the covers up to his chin, then kicks them off again. Laughing. Always laughing. It's time for me to get up. I have to get ready, but I hate to leave my sweet boy this morning. I kiss him again and leave him with his Papa. They watch cartoons and eat cereal as I head off to work. I say "Bye!" as I walk out the front door. He stops playing with his cars long enough to give me a quick wave, then he smiles and blows me a kiss. I leave for work late, but in a better mood than most mornings when I sneak out of the house on time with him still sound asleep in his bed.


  1. Oh, I know exactly how you feel. My husband takes care of the morning shift so I sneak out of the house before they wake. It's tough. I bet it makes it a bit easier that Henry is so a peace with your leaving. I sneak out because they'd go nuts if they saw me leave.

  2. Sweet moments like those are what makes motherhood so amazing. <3

  3. Such a sweet post. You have such a great way of truly expressing the magic in these "ordinary" moments of being a mom. :)