Friday, April 22, 2011

The Top Three (Help!)

So you know that Circle of Mom's thing I just about pestered you all to death about? The one where you were amazing and voted me into the top four most inspirational families? Well, they are doing interviews of all the winners which will be included in the final list. Which, sounds really awesome right? The thing is, one of the questions I have to answer is 'What are my three favorite Posts?' And... well... I have no idea! I know this sounds awful, but I really love way more than three of them! Not to be all conceded, but I wrote them, and I enjoy them. And, there are a lot of them! Like over 850. EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY. That blows my mind.

So this is where you come in. I need your help picking the top three posts here at Bio Girl. I will give you a list of the Top Ten. I don't expect you all to go back and read four years worth of posts. Don't be silly. So I will present you with the top ten, along with a little reminder of what it's about, and you can vote in the comments or send me an email. It will be fun! Right? (Please help me...) You don't have to read them if you don't want. I am hoping the summery will remind you and you will be like, "Oooo, that was a good one!" and then you can vote for it. Or you can read all ten. You can pick one, you can pick three, you can say "I don't care, just NOT THAT ONE". I am cool with whatever. I just need your help.

SO... I give you the top ten (In no particular order). If they were American Idols they would be heading on Tour, so they really are the best of the best. But we must trim further. So, here we go!

1. Restless, from August 2010- My Creme De La Creme pick for 2010, this post is about a restless night with Henry. He moves from his bed to ours, and I reflect on how I both love and hate these sleepless nights.

2. King Bee, from August 2010- I find Henry playing with a gigantic decapitated bee carcus. This still makes my skin crawl.

3. Pretend, from April 2011- Henry does the perfect impression of a college drunk during his speech therapy.

4. Care Bears and Rainbows and Heart Ache from January 2011- A sad but beautiful post about finding out my little sister would need a second surgery to remove a new cancerous growth.

5. Call Me Anything, I Will Answer, from August 2008- One time I accidentally let a guy think my name was Rachel. Then I continued to answer to it all semester rather than admit I am a fool.

6. The Support, from July 2008- I begin my IVF injections and discuss the amazing support of the online infertility community.

7. 100 Things from April 2008- Maybe a 100 things list shouldn't be in the top ten, but this list makes me laugh. Especially the one about farting in class in second grade and blaming it on a kid named Kevin.

8. Awkward from February 2009- A hypothetical snot bubble occurs while in a very public place.

9. A Letter from May 2009- A letter I wrote to our sweet baby the day before I was induced.

10. New Fear from September 2007- After getting on the roof of our one story house I realize I am paralized with the fear of falling.

Is there a post you loved that didn't make the top ten? Let me know that too! I am always interested to know you what all like around here.

Thanks so much for your help!


  1. Well... I loved all of them, but the one I would say that you absolutely must put in your top three is A Letter as it is just so beautiful and perfectly sums up the feelings of so many women, whilst still being so personal and unique to you!

    I'm sure there are so many others I love and wish could go in the top 3 too (like the one with the video of Nick telling your family Henry was a boy... I can't remember what the post was called though, but remember the video being so amazing as it just showed all the joy of the whole family!)

    If I had to choose two more from your top ten though they would be 100 things because I think it is a great idea and Pretend because that was just too funny for words! Of course, I also would like to add Care Bears and Rainbows and Heart Ache as well as one about Cici's birth, because those posts just show how close your family is and how much you have all been through together.

    I'm not really helping with the narrowing it down, am I?

  2. I'm not going to be any help... They're all good in different ways!

    I laugh SO hard at the Rachel story and 100 things. (the fact that you tell people you're good at archery kills me...) I love the Care Bear one because I feel like that post made everything just so real. (I mean obviously, it was much more real to you guys before that... I dunno.)

    Final Answer: I AM NO HELP.

  3. Hi Sarah! I'm new to your blog so can't really help with the choice, but as a new mom myself after IF I'll make sure I'll stick around to see what you write next!!

    Happy ICLW to you, Fran

    ICLW #131

  4. 3,4&8!!!!! You make me lol so much!

  5. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your encouraging comments!!

    Your posts are great, but I have to go with Pretend for my favorite. Such a funny story, and you tell it so vividly!!

    Good luck with this cycle! I look forward to your updates.

    ICLW #10

  6. #4 for sure...thats my favorite.

  7. I am relatively new to your blog, but I read all 10 posts, and I like A Letter, 100 Things (I hate bananas too!) and Restless Night.

  8. Hey them all but the bee story, care bears, and your letter to Henry are my favs...good luck trying to pick something!

  9. Out of those ten I like 3,4, and 9 the best.