Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A Mama Henry Adventure

So last weekend was the Cub Scout Great Wolf Lodge Weekend.  We were late comers to Cub Scouts, so of course, we had no idea this event was even happening until about a week before when we went to our first pack meeting only to hear "Oh, yeah, IN DOOR WATER PARK! Wanna Come??"

Shockingly, Henry said YES.  Especially after he found out is best friend (kindred spirit... whatever) Luke was going to be attending.  I looked at the calendar, said what the heck, and signed up, figuring we didn't want to miss a major Cub Scout event.  Then, Nick realized that he had a work commitment that weekend and couldn't join us. We decided to just roll with it and go on a Mama Henry Cub Scout adventure.

It was... well, it was awesome.  Although it was rather lacking in Cub Scout related events.  Like, there were none.  I mean, there were Cub Scouts there... and WE were there.  And that was cool.  But like, it was mostly to each their own.

And with that, we both had a blast. Turns out, my boy and I both really enjoy some indoor water sliding adventures.  Which, of course, I have no pictures of because my phone does not seem like it would care for water parks.  Still, we managed to ride every single slide, save one. Although the sevearl of those slides were hit in the last hour or so at the park when I agree to try ONE of the bigger tube slides we had skipped (there were four) and then somehow I caved and said we could ride all four... multiple times.  It was great.
Of course, a pretty big part of our weekend included hanging out with this guy and his parents.

These two, I tell you what. They sure do love each other.

After dinner on Friday night they managed to talk us into taking them on a magical quest adventure through the hotel, which, okay, was also fun. But possibly because Luke's parents came prepared and had beer.
But also because the interactive wands make things move all over the hotel.  Who wouldn't love that??
Finding treasure 
As you can see, Harry Potter glasses are required for all magical events. Thank goodness we remembered to bring them.

Anyway, the trip was great. Even if it was far less Cub Scout related than I expected.  But let's not focus on that.  Or on the traffic getting there .... or the cost. Let's just focus on the FUN.  There was lots and lots of that :)

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