Thursday, February 25, 2016

Oh look, It's already Thursday...

So last week I blogged three posts in three days. Unsurprisingly, I was EXTREMELY proud of myself. I also figured it was the start of something magical...

That was over a week ago, and there has been nothing on this site but crickets.

Sorry about that.

Things got... busy.  First, the plague managed to visit our house. Something that we are still not completely over. I came down with an upper respiratory infection last week and Henry ended up with pink eye AND his own virus by the beginning of this week.  WE have been pitiful.  PITIFUL I TELL YOU.

Add in that work is insanely busy with a huge grant application due early next week and the fact that midterms are fast approaching and, well, the good old blog is the first thing to go. Or, maybe cleaning the house and cooking are the first things to go. THEN blogging.

But, on the bright side, Henry has been regularly dressing like this...
I mean, I did not think I could love him more... I was wrong. 


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