Monday, February 15, 2016

Harry Potter (again... FOREVER!)

So this blog might just turn into a place where I do nothing but geek out over Henry's love for Harry Potter. Consider yourself warned.

We finished the first book.  HE LOVED IT SO MUCH.  You know the part where you find out who the bad guy really is?  HE FREAKED OUT.  And you know the OTHER part where YOU KNOW WHO Shows himself?? YEAH. THAT WAS CRAZY. And he was SO SO into it.  It was just, GAH. I AM LOVING IT SO MUCH!

Once we were at the end we went to sign him up for Pottermore, but I must admit I was a little disappointed with the site. Maybe you all know this already, but they have SERIOUSLY changed Pottermore, and not at all for the better. You used to be able to work your way through each book, earn house points, make potions... IT WAS AMAZING. And while I didn't really have time for it, I always looked forward to the day when Henry could play on there. Now it's just... I don't even know. It's just a website. I mean, it's neat that it has extra info from JK Rowling on details of the story, but I wanted Henry to experience the magic of the old Pottermore. All games are gone, all potion making and house points are gone. You do still get sorted and get a wand, which is neat, I just wanted MORE.  Anyway, Henry took his test to get sorted and his wand VERY SERIOUSLY.   Turns out, my boy is extremely brave indeed.

When it popped up he whispered "I didn't even know I was brave. Sometimes I get scared of new things."

I told him that being brave is more about doing things even when they scare you than about not being scared. We talked about how brave he is when he plays baseball or answers questions in class. We talked about how he defends those he loves and always stands up for what is right.  He looked at me, very serious, and says "I think I DO want to try that green pepper!" which I had offered for him to try at dinner.  So he did. and he liked it.  We have now gotten him to try about ten new foods by mentioning the Gryffindor connection. (Harry Potter... making parenting easier since 1997). He really thought he would be Ravenclaw (like his Mama) so that took some adjusting, but now he points out "Well, Hermione is the smartest witch in the school, and SHE is Gryffindor!"

That's my boy :)

Anyway, after the book and the sorting on Pottermore it was time for the movie. We watched the first half last night, and he LOVES it. He was just so tickled with everything about it, and he kept telling me as we moved through different parts "This part is in the chapter "The Keeper of the Keys".  Or Ohh, now we are to chapter "The Midnight Duel".

This morning he came running up to me as I worked on the computer and said he thought he heard mail get dropped off. This is what I found by the door.

And the letter inside....

 The present was his very own owl, which, surprisingly, he named Hedwig.
 Good lord, I love him so.

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  1. Oh he is so, so adorable!! I love that you guys get to enjoy this together :)

    When I read the bit about being brave it reminded me of my very favourite book, The Brothers Lionheart. One of the brothers doesn't think he is brave at all, but he really is because he does things despite his fear!!

    If you have chance, check it out online and see if you think it's suitable reading for Henry. It is very sad to begin with as the main character is very ill and both of the young brothers die, but the rest of it is an amazing adventure in another world where the older brother had promised to meet the younger one after they both died. It truly is a beautiful book, but I know it could be too much/raw or not quite your cup of tea.

    Anyway, have you decided whether to move onto book 2 of the Harry Potter series yet? Also, did you know that on the UK the first book is called Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and in Russian versions his name is Garry Potter? Isn't it funny how different they can be?