Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Wow, a week since I last posted? 

Oh well.  Moving on!

So are you all watching the X-files? BECAUSE WE ARE.  You may or may not remember, but Nick and I are die hard fans of the old x-files.  We actually binge watched the entire series back before binge watching was a thing. We got all the DVDs in the mail from netflix.  We didn't stream it because it was also before netflix streaming was a thing.


Anyway, we were so excited when they announced the X-files was coming back. We started rewatching the entire series (Streaming... the wave of the future) and made it to middle of season four before we lost steam.  Still, it was enough to reignite the love.

So now we are three episodes in to the six episode season and all I can think is that it's such a rip off that we only get SIX episodes. DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG THE OLD SEASONS WERE? I will tell you, they were 25 episodes. TWENTY FIVE. So now they make us wait over ten years for a new season, only to give us six little episodes?  COME ON FOX. (the network... and also Fox Mulder. I think you have some power, sir)

Anyway, so far so good in my opinion. I thought the first episode was good, but maybe a little rusty? Or maybe they were reaching a little too far? I am not sure. I assume it's hard to bring a series back from the dead after you have a series finally in 2002 that tried to answer all the series questions... and when that answer was DECEMBER 21, 2012 You have yourself a problem.  Still, I was totally bought in, but at the same time, wasn't 100% sold on episode one.  But episodes two and three... man, I have loved them both. I have be not just wanting to believe, but TOTALLY 100% BELIEVING.  I love this show. I just hope they bring it back for another season after these six little episodes are over.  I am not ready for it to be over again so soon.

 Anyone else watching?

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