Tuesday, March 20, 2007


two new examples of me making a fool out of myself:

Number one:

A few weeks ago I told Nick that he was a complete fool for thinking his soon to be step-sisters were twins...I mean, I had met them several times and what with me being extremely observant and everything, I am sure I would have noticed. It turned into this big thing about him SWEARING they were twins and me really looking forward to proving him wrong. Here he is confusing sibling similarities with twins...FOOL....but then we had dinner with them...and damn, they look, like, EXACTLY THE SAME...you know, kind of like identical twins. How in the hell am I suppose to tell them apart???

Number two:

Tarp, Justin and I went out to lunch yesterday. There was this white stuff blowing around outside the window. I inform them that it is snow. They both inform me that I am wrong. I hold strong...look at it, clearly it is snow! It is not unheard of to snow in March! Justin points out that it doesn't even really look white..it looks tan and that the trees are pollinating. WRONG I tell them. Nothing is pollinating yet. It is snow! We walk outside and I'll be damned...pollen.

This would not be so bad in not three weeks ago when I was walking out of work there was all this white stuff floating around and I was like, "Is some tree pollinating or something???" Then I saw it hit my car and melted...yep, that time it was snow. A girl can't catch a break.


  1. Just catching up on two posts and thinking

    1. You are smart and we are all silly sometimes!!

    2. Congrats to Nick on the new job. That's fabulous!!

  2. oh no...they are identical for sure. I am thinking they were never right beside each other before...no reason is good enough!

  3. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog...I've enjoyed reading yours- you are a great writer with some hilarious observations :) I'll continue to enjoy your fun stories!