Thursday, March 29, 2007

Different Prospectives...

So we are having to do a big move at work. When our company was taken over a year ago we were in a HUGE building. We have stayed there the entire year, but we only work in about one third of the space. We always knew that when the year was up we would either switch buildings, or make a new deal with the landlord and just rent a small portion of the space. Well, here we are a year later and the decision was made to stay and just keep part of the space. So what is the moving you ask? You see...the rest of the building, the 2/3 we are not the other 1/6th (that's right, I am really using the fractions now) that we have been using but we are now also giving up, has to be totally Saturday.

This might not sound that huge, I mean, we are not down there now, right...not exactly. We don't WORK down there, but god knows we have a ton of shit down there. I'm talking tons of desks, computers, old lab equipment...just crap everywhere. We have been trying to get it out, but now we are really down to crunch time and we just had to get it done.

We realized that nobody had cleaned out the attic yet, so Tarp, Justin and I said we would do it...okay actually I volunteered us, but whatever. So we get up there and it is totally full of junk. We create an assembly line, get it all out, decide what to do with it, make new homes for some of it, trash most of was manual labor, I was sweating and dirty and everything.

So here is the point. When we are done with this huge project (HUGE PROJECT) we are sitting outside and Tarp ran to get us Biggie drinks from Wendy's (I know you are thinking you are proud of us for skipping the Frosty's, but the truth is there was already a Frosty run earlier in the day...) and I am thinking to myself "My God this was hard work...I mean, I really don't make enough money for this kind of thing"...and right then (RIGHT THEN) Justin turns to me and says "Wow, what an easy day...I can't believe we get paid this much and we just spent the day moving around some boxes!"....I am officially a big lazy baby...shame.

***For those of you worried about him, Nick made it to New York safe and sound. He said the flight was terrifying, but he was okay. He has a really nice hotel that's cool. It would be cooler if I was there, but whatever.***


  1. I'm with you! Manual labor is HARD! And in an attic on a hot day! Nothing sounds worse!