Tuesday, March 6, 2007

What the Hell?!?

Okay, so I am a little upset with NBC right now. How could they wait until April 28th for a new episode of Hero's??? Don't they remember that they took like a month and a half break from December to the end of January? Don't they remember that it is only the beginning of March??? It is so annoying that they can do this and I (and the rest of America) will just sit around a wait for it to come back on. This used to never happen. Sure, you had a repeat here and there in a season, but during the regular months you had new episodes almost all of the time. Are they still taking a summer break? Really really annoying.

Now, that being said, I LOVED the episode last night! How cool is the girl that can change into anybody (just like the girl from X-men, but still cool). Do you think they killed Clair's mom? I am just starting to like her dad, but I am thinking he might be a goner....They haven't been afraid to kill off any main characters, so it is possible.

I, of course, don't think Peter is going to get killed, but I do guess this is how he gets the scar they have talked about before. Pretty cool. I hope Mohinder doesn't die...really like him. When Clair met her grandmother I was like "WHAT!?!?"...but then I remember we already knew that....This show really does have a lot going on!

So, clearly all I did last night was watch TV. I did also eat wonderful Chinese food, which is rare for me. Nick does not like Chinese or Mexican, and although I could go two places to pick up dinner, I just usually don't. (oh the things we give up for love...seriously, it's hard) Last night the craving was too great so I got Wind and he got McDonald's...his loss!

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