Monday, March 19, 2007

New Job

...not for me mind you, but for Nick. The title is a little misleading, but I thought it would grab some attention! Actually, in an even more uneventful twist, the job really is the exact same job he already has, but with full benefits, a 50% salary increase (Hell Yea!!!), free masters classes, and his absolute favorite...paid time off. I am still mostly pumped about the money, but the man deserves some paid holidays and vacation days for sure.

If you are wondering how Nick got this amazing deal, it comes down to the fact that he was hired as a student employee, then they basically loved him and thought he was tops so they created a full time position for him. It has taken a little while to work out the details, but he officially started today. It is so perfect because he really loves his job. Yea for us!!

In other random news, we spent Sunday with Nick's dad for his birthday. We found out that him and his girlfriend Lisa are getting married. Very exciting! Lisa has three young girls so the family will be growing. Looks like the wedding will be at the end of summer. Should be a good time.

Staying on a Nick update kick, he is heading to New York in two weeks. He will be flying, which he is not excited about. He will be there for a week working on a government base with a particle accelerator...sounds cool, right? Reminds me of the book Angles and Demons. If you haven't read it, you really should. He will be on Long Island, and about 30 minutes from the city. I am sure he will have a good time. He will be gone over his sad. Anyways, this is a random post, but Nick is passed out and it was the best I could come up with...time to watch some tv...


  1. I know who you are, Kaia.

  2. Congratulations!!!

    I Love all of the Shep husbands!!!


  3. I'm confused by the first person's commnet!

    Yea, for Nick!! He really does deserve some paid time off! Plus more money is always good!