Wednesday, March 14, 2007


So today is the day that I am chopping off my hair. What's that, D-day was a very important historical event and should not be reduced to explaining the fear of a hair cut? Shut up. I have no idea why this is such a big deal to me. I have grown my hair out long and then cut it off a dozen times. I have never really been attached to my hair. I am excited to cut it, ready to end the annoyance of it being past my bra strap, but still I am having some separation issues....

Maybe this is because Nick as always been a large supporter of the short hair. He loves it short, and always is asking me to cut it. I always just ignore him because I really like it long as well, but when haircut time rolls around I know he will be excited, so that is great. Well, this time Nick has decided he really likes my hair long so he is good either way. WHAT?!?! So you are leaving all hair cut decisions up to me? I am not sure I like that much at all! It sounds good, but then if it looks terrible there is nobody to blame but myself...hmm...

I also should add that although I grow my hair out, it is not normally this long. I am thinking it hasn't been this long since high school. It might never be this long again. This crap took some serious time and effort (okay, maybe not effort as much as just time...)! I would have cut it at least 6 months ago if it wasn't for the wedding...I think I have grown attached!

Okay, so I took a few pictures (I know I am really getting ridiculous here...just deal with it) So everyone can see my long hair. If it looks really stupid this afternoon there will be no after picture, but assuming all goes well I will show everyone the end result. Here you go!
So here is the front...

and you guessed it...the back. Wish me luck!


  1. Well, it looks beautiful, but I like it short as well. Put some more blonde streaks around your face when you get it cut - they really make your eyes look beautiful!

  2. Short hair rocks and is easy to care for! Go for it! I'm anxious to see the new do too!